Susa6 is a subsidiary application made by Saatrop

Saatrop is an Australian technology startup company created to harness the power of Blockchain to invent products and services that enhance confidence, security, and transparency in high-value processes. Saatrop is proud to announce the ability to create almost any Blockchain-powered application requested by the market. We are here to listen to your challenges and to propose user-friendly Blockchain applications to suit your specific needs and requirements.

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Susa6 is a user-friendly and registry-agnostic marketplace for trading Carbon Offsets globally, secured by cutting-edge Blockchain technology. It is available online 24/7 and brings confidence, transparency, and speed to this market.

Value Proposition


Every carbon offset will have a unique serial number throughout its lifecycle, regardless of its registry origin


Unprecedented transparency in every step of the process, from Carbon Offset creation, to trading, to retirement, using the power of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)


Trading transactions are linked to universally recognized and trusted Stablecoins such as Ether, removing the need of using fiat currencies while securing all transactions by DLT algorithm


Allowing market participants to influence and actively shape the future of the marketplace by activity-based voting rights


Significantly increase the speed of transactions by harnessing the power of blockchain computing

Self Serve

Provides users with a user-friendly, web-enabled interface to directly participate in the market 24/7


To create a cross-registry carbon offset trading marketplace secured on Hyperledger Fabric technology to support economies, organisations, and individuals in transitioning to a carbon-neutral future


To be the partner of choice to trade carbon offsets online, globally